"Patent Pending"


Intellectual Property is all around us - almost everything we depend on in our daily lives is a product of creativity and problem solving - its artistic genius hidden in plain sight ... Most of us are probably familiar with famous inventors such as Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of the telephone) and Galileo (inventor of the telescope), but what about great female inventors?

"Patent Pending" is my new series of work to honor the great female inventors, scientists, and engineers in an imaginative way. The exploration of female engineers is near and dear to my heart, as I am a female engineer myself. 


This series is a continual study and work in progress. Limited edition signed prints will be available in the future.

My painting "Escape" showcased at the Torpedo Factory Artists @Mosaic Regional Painting Competition Exhibit, August 2021 in Fairfax, VA

Great Woman Inventors:


Anna Connelly, Inventor of the "Fire Escape”, Patent No. 368,816. Patented August 23, 1887, Anna Connelly is one of America’s first female inventors – she invented this at a time that woman were not allowed to vote or work outside the home. Anna Connelly, of Philadephia, PA, is directly responsible for saving the lives of thousands.

Elizabeth Maggie Phillips, Inventor of "The Landlords Game", the precursor to Monopoly. Patent No. 1,509,312. Patented September 23rd, 1924, originally patented in 1904. Maggie invented "The Landlords Game" as a way to teach children about the evils of unchecked capitalism.


Hazelle H. Rollins, Inventor of "Marionette Construction”, Patent No 2,788,609. Patented April 16, 1957. In 1929, Hazelle Rollins was approached by a neighbor’s young son, who received a marionette as a gift from Italy, the young boy asked Rollins if she would make him another marionette, so Rollins, an art student at the time, did. Rollins instantly fell in love with the objects and soon found herself creating lots of puppets. She began experimenting with design, making their jaws and limbs movable. She was awarded four patents for her innovations.

Jeanne Villepreux-Power, Inventor of the Aquarium. Jeanne invented not one, but three types of aquariums in her lifetime. However she never received proper recognition for her work, mostly due to a tragic shipwreck in 1843 that carried her research to the bottom of the ocean. Not all of her discoveries were forgotten, thanks to previous publications and other researchers. In biology circles, Jeanne is known as the "Mother of Aquariophily".