Human Canvas Gallery

Rebecca Rose has learned body painting from the best in the world including studying at the World Body Painting Academy in Klagenfurt, Austria, studying at FABAIC and learning from Craig Tracy, judge on the TV series "Skin Wars".

To Rose, body painting is about self love and self acceptance, about being comfortable in the skin you are in - it's an echoing of the subconscious through the arts. "I've painted many people and everyone has something they feel insecure about. Body painting is not only a physical transformation, but it is a way of seeing yourself in a new light. The real magic isn't found in the finished painting, but in the process of the painting ... in painting people there's an openness, a sense of trust and vulnerability, often with complete strangers. A beautiful reminder that we are all connected and we are all human". - Rose

Being painted is an exploration of self, a chance to help find your inner path and act upon it. It's an authentic and courageous experience and an opportunity to showcase your story through art. Rose offers private painting sessions for groups, individuals, couples, maternity sessions, live events and is available for film and media production.