Body Painting FAQ


Rebecca Rose painting her model for "Kangaroo Daydreams"

Rebecca Rose offers body painting services in Washington, DC and the greater area. If you are interested in being painted by Rose, first and foremost, congrats! - You are about to embark on a unique journey, a journey that is part of an ancient tradition that was once a practice of many cultures daily and spiritual lives. Rose recognizes how strong and magnificent you are for taking this first step.

Who is body painting for?
Fun fact: Everyone! Yes. Everyone, Absolutely! If you have a body, you can be painted! There isn't one body type that is suitable for body painting. The painting is created to fit your shape - it doesn't matter how old you are, what color your skin is, what size you are or what you look like. Your body with its lines, curves, wrinkles, scars, rolls, etc., is perfect!

How do I get painted?
If you are interested in being painted, below is some useful information about the modeling and artistic process along with some helpful tips and answers to modeling & body painting FAQ's.

To be painted by Rose there are two main avenues - one is a commissioned body painting where the model(s) pays Rose for the process of being painted and the second is volunteer modeling where no money is exchanged. Volunteer modeling is often for live events and the models have no say in the artistic and creative production. However, volunteer models have a once in a lifetime experience, and a lot of fun!

Commissioned body painting is the most common avenue and begins with a simple conversation with Rose. This is done either via phone, email or messaging. During the conversation, please let Rose know what your vision and desired purpose is. You can send sample images of what you would like or images that inspire you. Also, please keep in mind that no two bodies are the same and your body is not the same from day to day - sometimes we change not only day by day, but minute by minute - For instance, in one moment we may feel bendier and more flexible than the next, and the next moment we may feel stiff, and so on. This is perfectly okay and totally human. Please be gentle on yourself and allow for this to be a unique experience for you - to become a higher, artistic version of yourself.

Q. How long does it take to be painted?

A. It depends. It depends on the complexity of the design, if the model is being fully or just partially painted, etc. A body painting can take anywhere from 2 to 10 hours, however on average most paintings take between 5-6 hours. For painting day Rebecca recommends clearing your schedule for the entire day, because along with painting is photo shoots, etc. You will want to keep the paint on and enjoy the experience!

Q. What kind of paint is used, is it safe?

A. Rose uses only the highest quality professional grade body paint that is safe for the skin and is non-toxic. 

Q. How long does the paint last?

A. Rose typically uses a water-based professional grade body paint that lasts until it is washed/showered off. If you need water-proof paint, or paint that lasts longer, please let Rose know as this can be arranged.

Q. What should I bring to paint day?

A. Rose often provides snacks and drinks, but you may want to bring any of your favorite snacks and beverages, especially if you have specific dietary needs. You'll want to bring any props, shoes, etc. that will be used in the photo shoot (the specifics of this is usually discussed with Rose ahead of time). You should bring a pair of comfortable shoes like slippers or sandals to wear, along with comfy baggy clothes to go home in (that you do not care if any paint happens to get on). Also, you may want to bring something to put over your car seat to protect. If you are going out on the town afterwards, you may want to bring something to throw on to accentuate your design! 

Q. I have never been painted or modeled before, how do I pose?

A. Often poses are selected before a painting. If a pose is not selected before the painting, Rose highly recommends practicing different poses before the shoot. Have fun with it! Practice by taking selfies and videos of yourself, and googling models and images that you admire and inspire you! Practice and have fun!

Q. I have a boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, wife or husband I'd like to bring to the shoot for moral support, is this okay?

A. Well, think of coming to painting day as if you were going to a hair salon to get your hair done. Would you want your partner sitting, watching you while you got your hair done? Probably not. This time is for you. Its your day. Although its understandable to want someone to come with you, Rose recommends against it.

Q. Should I shave or wear deodorant and/or get my nails done?

A. Yes, deodorant is always welcomed and appreciated :). As far as shaving, yes, you should shave anywhere you plan on being painted, otherwise the paint will look "textured" or like fuzz. Nails you should not get done, unless they are part of the design, otherwise they are often fully painted over, along with tattoos, scars, etc. 

Q. My friend and I want to book shoots and come at the same time, is that possible?

A. Absolutely. Rose can accommodate multiple paintings and shoots in a day and it can be a lot of fun to be painted alongside friends. But please know, naturally, the more models the more time it will take. For specifics, please contact Rose directly.

Q. Are showers provided for after the painting?

A. No, there are no available showers at Rose Studios. Go out into the world and enjoy being painted!

Q. Are deposits required?

A. Yes, a deposit is required for all paintings. There is no refund for cancellations when only a 48 hour notice or less is given.