About Rebecca Rose


Rebecca Rose is based in Washington, DC - she is an artist, engineer, mother, a lover of books, new ideas and a free spirit. Her current focus is on artistic transformation and empowerment by painting on both the human body and traditional canvas. To Rose, body painting is about self love and self acceptance, about being comfortable in the skin you are in - it's an echoing of the subconscious through the arts. "I've painted many people, and everyone I've painted has something they feel insecure about. Body painting is not only a physical transformation, but a way of seeing yourself in a new light. It can be therapeutic, as the real magic isn't found in the finished painting, but in the process of the painting, in the transformative moments ... I love painting people as there's an openness, a sense of trust and vulnerability, often with complete strangers. A beautiful reminder that we are all connected and we are all human." - Rose.

Rebecca Rose approaches each painting with passion, love and total dedication. Her background in art includes traveling and studying art independently in London, Paris, Rome and most recently in Beijing, China's 798 Art District - China's most progressive artistic precinct. The 798 Art District showcases established and emerging Chinese artists and is a hot spot of modern art, culture and design. Exploring these contemporary art galleries has only fueled Rose's fascination for Asian art and culture - which she plans to study and learn more.

Rose has learned body painting from the best in the world including studying at the World Body Painting Academy in Klagenfurt, Austria and participating in FABAIC. Rebecca most recently received an award from the Smithsonian museum for her photography body painting piece "Namaste", which will be on display later in 2021 at the Smithsonian Mall in Washington, DC. 

For all inquires, collaborations and coffee chats, email rrosepaintings@yahoo.com